10th Annual Vex Robotics World Championship

40B at PA Wrap SkillsThis year marks the 10th Anniversary of the Vex World Championships and the 20th Anniversary of Team 40, the Trinity Robotics team.  Established in 1997 as a FIRST Robotics (FRC) Team, Trinity HS was the 40th team in an alphabetized list of teams that year and the number stuck.   In 2005, Team 40 joined a pilot FIRST program that used the new VEX Robotics kit, which became the FIRST Vex Challenge( FVC).  Trinity competed in FVC,  and later FTC,  until 2008, when the Vex Robotics Competition ( VRC) was debut by the RECF.  Trinity did not compete in Bridge Battle but did compete in FTC that season.  In December 2008, Trinity hosted the first Vex tournament in NH and would send “Gary,” a unique Ferris Wheel -like robot to the Vex World Championships.  Team 40 competed at both FRC and VRC for a few more years, and in 2011 dropped out of FIRST to focus solely on Vex.  The objective was to field dozens of robots built by teams of 2 to 3 students.  Each student would have to work on a robot and run a team .   Trinity competes throughout NH and New England and has sent teams to the VRC World Championships 8 out of 10 seasons.  This year, “The Big Meaty Claw”, Team 40B, is going to the Vex World Championships as the 13th ranked team in the World Robot Skills.  Team 40E was ranked at 66th.

Over past 10 years of VRC events, Trinity has garnered 172 Awards.   It has produced 2 Divisional Finalists at the World Championships, and has won both the Innovation Award and the Team Work Award. We hope to see a lot of old friends and some new ones in Louisville.