2010-11 Season: Round Up


Round UpThe 2010-2011 Vex Robotics season featured the game Round Up.  Trinity Robotics fielded 8 teams which competed at 4 tournaments throughout New England and qualified 6 teams for the VRC World Championships.  The list of significant results and awards is the following:

  • 4 Tournament Champions
  • 1 Tournament Finalist
  • 1 Excellence Award Recipient
  • 3 World Championship Quarter-finalists
  • 1 World Championship Semi-finalist

Trinity qualified 6 teams for the2011  Vex World Championships held at the ESPN Center in Orlando, Fl.  Teams 40A, 40B, 40E and 40G were “Bad Larry” designs, big box hoarding robots with a claw, but each could 20lb. robot could hang from the ladder. Teams 40F and 40J were enforcer designs, which picked up the wobbly goals and tucked them under the ladder.  All “Bad Larry” were selected to be in the elimination matches, but only 40A got through the Qtr. finals, eventually losing in the semi-finals of their division.

This was the last season where Trinity competed in both Vex and FIRST.

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