About Us

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Trinity Robotics is based at Trinity High School in Manchester, NH.

The Trinity Robotics Team was founded as a FIRST Robotics team in 1997 by a group of students seeking to play with technology. Very few became engineers or computer scientists, although one earned a PhD and works at Google.  Some 20 years later, Team 40 continues that legacy.  In 2011, Trinity stopped participating in the FIRST Robotics Competition.  For a number of years,  Team 40 competed in both FRC and the Vex Robotics Competitions.  Since 2005, Trinity has fielded a VRC team and has often sent multiple teams to the Vex World Championships.

The Trinity Robotics Team consists of roughly 25 students each year, with a variety of interests from mechanical engineering to computer science, even bio-engineering.  Each student must build a robot and run their own team.  Rather than a single big FRC robot, students at Trinity build a dozen small robots, which compete at 6 or more events throughout NH and New England.  Through the Vex experience, relevant knowledge and 21st Century skills are garnered  by students as they collaborate to build a competitive robot.  Sometimes surprising things are happen.

The robotics team is an afterschool extracurricular activity at Trinity High School, which meets twice a week. Yet, students have the option of taking a number of engineering courses during the school day.  An Intro to Robotics course, followed by Advanced Robotics, is a way for students to get high school credit, and possibly college credit, for their efforts.  Additional engineering coursework is available, such as courses in Computer Aided Design and SolidWorks.  Recently, 2 new courses in computer programming have been added, although all must learn how to program an operating system for their robot..

The knowledge these students harvest not only helps them compete, but prepares them for the challenges they will encounter after graduation with their engineering curriculums.