FRC History


Year FRC Robot
Penalty Kick


Awards BAE-GSR Regional: semi-finalist
Excellence in Engineering Award
Northeast utilities CT Regional:? semi-finalist
FIRST Championships: qtr-finalist
WPI BattleCry
RiverRage XVI

Awards> BAE –GSR Regional: finalist
Chesapeake Regional: finalist
FIRST Championships: semi-finalist
Delphi “ Driving Tomorrow’s Technology” Award
Mayhem At Merrimack
WPI BattleCry
RiverRage XIII
Awards BAE-GSR Regional: Champions
Boston Regional: Champions
FIRST Championships: semi-finalist
Xerox Creativity Award
BeanTown Blitz
Mayhem At Merrimack
WPI BattleCry
RiverRage XII
Awards BAE-GSR Regional: semi-finalist
Rockwell Automation in Control Award
Hartford regional: qtr-finalist
BeanTown Blitz
Mayhem at Merrimack
WPI BattleCry
Checkmate II
Awards BAE-GSR Regional: finalist
Imagery Award
Boston Regional
Judges Award
FIRST Championships: qtr-finalist
BeanTown Blitz ?
WPI BattleCry
Mayhem At Merrimack
RiverRage X
Checkmate I
Awards BAE -GSR Regional: finalist
Xerox Creativity Award
Waterloo Regional: finalist
FIRST Championships: qtr-finalist
Delphi “Driving Tomorrow’s Technology” Award
WPI BattleCry
RiverRage IX
King Kong
Awards BAE-GSR regional – finalist
Motorola Quality Award
RiverRage VIII
Awards BAE-GSR regional: last place
Mayhem on the Merrimack
WPI BattleCry
RiverRage VII
Magic Fridge
Awards New England Regional:
RiverRage VI
Awards New York City Regional: 10 seed overall, made it into the Qtr finals.
WPI Battle Cry
RiverRage V
Davey Sprocket
Awards Virginia Regional: 24 out of 39 teams. Computer glitches and binding drive system slowed us down.
New England Regional: 37 out of 41 teams. Bad luck, despite a robust machine.
Mayhem on the Merrimack: 6 out of 20 teams. The design and strategy proved successful.
WPI Battle Cry: 6 out of 29 teams. Almost beat Central, national champions, in quarterfinal match.
RiverRage IV: worked hard co-hosting event, but a burned out motor put us out of the final.
Garbage Bot
Awards Philadelphia Regional: The team competed at Temple and overcame technical problems and broken welds to finish 27 out of 56 teams. We were lucky in drawing good robots for partners.
RiverRage III: Trinity co-hosted the Riverfest event again, but did not enter a robot in the competition.
Rookie Bot
Awards New England Regional: 11 out of 41 teams.
Nationals at Epcot: 81 out of 200+ teams.
Rumble at the Rock: Summer competition at Plymouth, MA. Tough match ups. Sent home early.
RiverRage II: THS, along with the other three Manchester teams, organized a robotics competition held at Manchester’s Riverfest Festival in September. THS placed fourth of 12 teams

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